Gun game and simulator for real heroes

Key features

Shoot from legends in modern interactive high-detailed 3D

AKM is coming to Weapons of Heroes guns game

X-rays and slow motion, allowing to see and understand the operation of mechanisms

Complete assembly and disassembly of any weapons

Possibility to simultaneously play and learn new and interesting facts

Win the game with famous mentors

All mentors are real people, who`s photos were colorized by artists

Iconic weapons in gun game

Not just series-produced items, but first models in series, honorary and award units from the museum fund, which became a part of history and culture

Karabin from Tula is coming to our gun game

Users reviews

This is in my opinion one the best weapon simulators I have seen in a while so thank you guys for making this. Keep up the good work
Alex White

FINALLY FOUND IT! I was finding a game where I can learn more about guns and I learned alot! Yhank you for creatine this game/app! I would recommend this app for gunshop owner!
Thomas Butchelor

The update was outstanding! I like that now we can slow time and observe the guns with the new x-ray feature. But I suggest that you guys add more guns. This gun game might actually get played by BIG YouTubers. Keep up the awesome work devs!
Seth Quentin

This game is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I love that there is some history of each gun in the game as well, it really tells you about the wepon in a brief summary. I also can not wait untill there are more guns added.
Alok Pandey

Beautiful to see and view old guns. I’m a history teacher and I actually used this in my class to show students the mechanics of ancient weapons. This app is wonderful and actually helped me teach history!
Oliver Guzman

And one more thing…

We have done special interactive web site about all our weapons

Go ahead!